Can A Dental Bridge Or Crown Fix Bad Oral Health?

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Dental brides and dental crowns are commonly used dental appliances that can help repair a damaged tooth or replace a missing tooth.

When Are Dental Crowns Necessary?

Dental crowns are used to cover a tooth that is having issues, whether it is decay, cracking, fracturing, or discoloration. Crowns are heavy duty and made from natural-looking porcelain, so they very successfully replace a tooth in looks and strength. They can be made to match the surrounding tooth naturally or to be a whiter shade if the crown also used as a cosmetic enhancement. Additional reasons that your dentist 43023 may recommend a dental crown:

  • Rebuild the structure for a badly injured or fractured tooth that could break otherwise
  • Attach to a dental implant as a total tooth replacement
  • Restore a tooth that has had a root canal, in both strength and appearance
  • Restore a large decayed area that a filling can’t handle on its own
  • Protect a weaker area from potential future issues
  • Help a discolored tooth blend in with the other teeth

Placing Dental Crowns

Upon the first visit the dentist near you will prepare the tooth that is receiving the crown by removing any decay or tooth parts that need to be removed. An impression is then made that can be used to handcraft the customized crown at a lab. In the interim, a temporary crown is placed. When the permanent version is ready, they can be swapped out.

Make Your Dental Restorations Last

Crowns can’t fix oral health, and if care is not taken, your crown may not last. A crown that is successfully taken care of through proper oral hygiene can last from 5 – 15 years!

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