3 Factors That Could Affect the Success of a Root Canal Treatment

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When a tooth is suffering from decay, it’s in danger. It’s important to restore the health of the tooth otherwise it can also lead to tooth loss. When the infection reaches the inside of tooth and bone, the risk of losing tooth increases. However, the good news is that the tooth decay can be removed as well as further decay can be prevented. A Root Canal Treatment can help in treating the decayed tooth and restoring the health of the tooth.

The Root Canal Treatment in Granville is a common procedure with both children and adults. During the typical root canal procedure, the dentist first drills a hole in the infected tooth to get access to the inner pulp. Then the dentist near me removes the infected pulp tissue, followed by disinfecting and filling the empty chamber and root canals with gutta parcha. The tooth is then sealed and protected from re-infection by placing a crown over it.

Most of the Root Canal Treatment in Granville, OH is successful and long-lasting but sometimes the tooth can become re-infected. Here’s a look at the factors that can affect the success of a root canal treatment:

  • Early treatment

Just like any other health problem, the sooner we detect the decay and treat it, the better the outcome. When the infection has reached beyond pulp, there are always chances of re-infection. Regular dental visits can help in keeping a track of the health of the treated tooth.

  • Tooth Complications

Front teeth are quite easier to access and treat than the back molar with an intricate root canal network. Root canals can also be narrow making them easy to miss during treatment. However, the expertise of endodontist and advanced equipment can help.

  • The aging process

Teeth wear over time and become brittle making them vulnerable to fracture. A Root Canal Treatment near 43023 on aging tooth can increase the risk of fracture. Thus, it’s important for the tooth to receive a crown after the procedure for protecting the tooth from re-infection as well as stress during chewing.

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