3 Facts About Invisalign Orthodontic Treatments

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It seems like Invisalign is everywhere these days. It’s a popular treatment option compared to braces because many people think it looks better. It’s also nice to have the freedom to remove them at will, instead of them being locked on for months to multiple years at a time. However, many people still don’t know exactly what they are getting themselves into when it comes to Invisalign. Here are 3 things you should know about Invisalign:

It Will Still Hurt – A Little

Just because the commercials you’ve seen look like the whole process is pain-free, doesn’t make it true. Whereas the pain probably won’t hurt as much as traditional braces, there will still be discomfort as your teeth begin to feel the pressure and move. Another point to keep in mind though is that traditional braces are made up of hard metal brackets and wires, so not only would your teeth feel the pain from the pressure, but you can end up cutting your cheek and tongue from the rough brackets and wires, things you’re free of with Invisalign. Discomfort with Invisalign treatment is still present, but it’s to a lesser degree.

You May Still Need “Brackets”

Many people think since the whole treatment is generally almost invisible, that there are no brackets. The brackets won’t be made out of hard metal, but rather clear or composite “brackets” to hold the straightener in place.

You May Still Need to Use Elastics

For people with severe mouth issues, elastics will still be necessary. They would be clear little buttons attached to the teeth to assist in the movement process that will add even more pressure. These are meant to move the entire row of teeth at the same time, especially for people with overbites and underbites.

If you choose Invisalign over traditional orthodontic treatment, it’s always best to visit a trusted dentist near me. You want to be sure that you are getting the best care possible with an orthodontist that cares about your oral health.

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