A Medical Doctor Or Dentist Can Work As A TMJ Specialist

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TMJ or the temporomandibular joint are located in the jaw muscles that are assigned the task of helping you to open and close your mouth. They are located on either side of the head and the joints work together when you are eating, speaking or swallowing. They can also control the lower jaw as it moves forward, backward, and side-to-side. Each of these joints has a disc between the ball and socket and the disc cushions the load even as it enables the jaw to open widely, glide, and rotate. Any problem which prevents this set of muscles, ligaments, bones, and discs from working properly can result in a painful disorder of the TMJ.

What Are The Causes Of TMJ Disorders?

Some of the possible causes of TMJ disorders include dislocation, injury, arthritis, stress and teeth grinding, and tooth and jaw alignment. Diagnosing the condition from a TMJ specialist is important before looking forward to obtaining any treatment. The family dentist in Grenville OH examines the joints and muscles for tenderness, popping, clicking, or difficulty moving. After conducting the diagnosis the dentist may refer you to another dentist or a physician.

If you are diagnosed as having a TMJ disorder you must understand that medical or dental specialties for qualified experts trained for providing TMJ therapy do not exist. You may consider visiting the TMJ specialist near me but he or she will be treating the TMJ symptoms you are experiencing in an effort to provide some comfort.

The National Institutes Of Health advises patients to speak to a healthcare provider that understands musculoskeletal disorders which can affect muscle, bone, and joints. This individual would be trained in treating painful conditions of the TMJ. Pain clinics located in hospitals and universities are also a source of advice when the pain becomes chronic and interferes with everyday life.

The Treatments Advised for TMJ Disorders

TMJ specialists often adopt a step-by-step plan from the National Institute Of Dental And Craniofacial Research for trying some simple methods before moving on to more advanced treatment. the NIDCR recommends an approach for treating these disorders which includes:

  • Having softer foods.
  • Modifying the pain with heat packs.
  • Avoiding biting your nails and chewing gum.
  • Controlling tension in the jaw by practicing relaxation techniques such as meditation and biofeedback.

If your symptoms require additional help the following treatments may also be advised:

  • Medications prescribed by the dentist in the form of muscle relaxants, antianxiety drugs, analgesics, and anti-inflammatory medications.
  • Strengthening your jaw muscles by exercising regularly.
  • Using a night guard or bite plate to reduce branding and clenching of the teeth.

Your dentist may even recommend fixing an uneven bite by reshaping our adjusting some of your teeth. You may also be recommended to visit an orthodontist for the care you need. Your dentist is the person that can suggest the most appropriate TMJ therapy after looking at the various causes that are affecting you.

TMJ disorders can be treated by a physician or even a dentist. People affected by this condition may consider visiting a physician to rule out some of the causes that could be mimicking a TMJ disorder. For example, a symptom of many conditions is facial pain. People who are affected by ear infections, sinus, access to decayed teeth, facial neuralgia and different types of headaches or tumors may believe they are affected by this condition. As there is no dental or medical specialty of qualified experts trained to care and treat patients with this condition, established standards of care in practice also do not exist. The number of treatments available as TMJ therapy exceeds by far the causes of this condition.

Trying to find a certified specialty treatment for TMJ disorder can be difficult unless you are visiting family dentist Granville OH. This dental care offers proper treatment for TMJ disorder by utilizing the approach recommended by the NIDCR that suggests providing less treatment is the best option for this condition. The Granville family dentist has been practicing for quite some time and is using an approach of the moderate variety for treating TMJ disorders. It is therefore recommended that people consider visiting this practice before choosing any other service provider that may eventually direct them back to the family dentist in Grenville OH.

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