Do I Need a Dental Crown?

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After a traumatic injury to a tooth, this question could arise. Do I need a dental crown? This dental procedure can be used to fix damage from serious decay or from an injury to the mouth. Are many ways that your dentist can repair oral damage with all of the advancements in dental technology today. So, when is a dental crown necessary?

When is a Crown Necessary?

There are quite a few instances when a dental crown is absolutely necessary. One of these cases is if an injury causes your tooth to become vertically cracked. Unlike regular bone, once a tooth is cracked, it will not heal on its own. For this reason, a cracked tooth will require a dental crown. If the tooth is suffering from a very large crack down through the route, a root canal or tooth extraction may be necessary. However, for a slightly smaller crack that is still very serious, a dental crown can restore the tooth integrity.

Another reason you may need a dental crown is if your tooth has suffered a severe cavity that was left unchecked for a very long time. In this case, the damage to your tooth was done by bacteria that colonized your tooth and subsequently damaged the integrity. When your dentist in Granville treats a large cavity such as this, it will be necessary to remove the pulp, or soft tissue, of your tooth. Once the pulp is removed, it may be required to install a dental crown to restore the integrity of your tooth.

Crowns may also be used in a cosmetic way. Since dental crowns can be made to be any color and are the shape of your teeth they can cover severely stained teeth. These teeth may not necessarily require a crown, but if it is your wish to cover an unsightly tooth, a dental crown may be used.

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