Effective Ways to Overcome Your Dental Fear

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Most people are scared of seeing the dentist because they fear pain. However, if the feeling transforms into anxiety, it can affect your oral health. People who are anxious of visiting the dentist often suffer in silence. They avoid getting dental treatments and checkups done which leads to dental issues. When the dental issues are not treated in time, they can affect your overall health as well.

According to dentist near me, if you suffer from dental anxiety, then you must get proper guidance. There are many people who suffer from the same kind of nervousness and anxiety. It has been estimated that almost 5 to 8% of the Americans have never visited the dentist out of fear. Almost 20% of the people are so anxious that they seek dental treatment only when it is required.

Dental anxiety and fear should not be taken lightly as it can have negative repercussions on the oral health in the long run. For overcoming the dental fears, it is important to first understand what the reason behind the anxiety and fear is, so that it can be addressed. Some common reasons for fear and anxiety are:

  • Fear of pain
  • Embarrassed of the fact that dentist will look inside the mouth
  • Past experience where a procedure may have been painful
  • Loss of control when in dental chair

The dental fear in people can vary greatly. While some people are simply afraid of seeing the dentist or getting treatments done, others may have phobia. Phobia is an intense feeling. Let’s have a look at how to overcome these fears.

  • Identify the Reason for Fear

For overcoming the fear, you need to first understand what is causing you’re the anxiety and nervousness. You can write down the fears and further discuss them with the dentist. Listing the fears will not only help you in identifying them but will also give an insight to your family dentist so that they can help you in dealing with it.

  • Find a Good Dentist

The right dentist is not only good in his skills and knowledge but is also empathetic to his/ her patient’s needs and concerns. Also, if your reason for fear is the quality of dental services, choosing the right dentist will pacify you up to a great extent. You can check the local listing and ask for references from friends and family. Try to look for a dentist in Granville, Ohio who specializes in treating patients with anxiety and fear.

Once you have shortlisted few options, you can call each one of them and observe how the staff interacts with you. You must also go for a consultation session so that you can find out how comfortable you are with the dentist. It is a good opportunity to see how the dentist responds to your queries, and concerns.

  • Share Your Fears

Once you have chosen a dentist, let them know about your fears and concerns during the consultation session. This way you can give the dentist a chance to find out what makes you anxious and will help in overcoming it. In most of the cases, the dentists come up with signs and cues that can be used by you on the dental chair for taking breaks or stopping the treatment in case you feel uncomfortable.

  • Find a Way Out To Reduce the Fears

A good dentist will understand your concerns and will not force you for the treatment right way. They will give you some time so that you can prepare yourself. Also, you can ask the dentist to begin with milder treatments.

  • Bring a Companion

Having a friend or family member during the dental appointment can offer mental support. But make sure you go with someone who is not afraid of seeing the dentist. It is also recommended that people should schedule the appointment in the morning so that they don’t get more time for thinking and being apprehensive about the procedure.

  • Explore about Sedatives

If you are still not able to relax and get rid of the fear of dentist, it is better to explore the sedation dentistry options, so that you can comfortably get the procedures done.

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