Essential Dental Implant Care Tips

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Have you recently gotten dental implants or are considering them to restore your smile? Although dental implants aren’t real, they do require proper care if you want them to last! At Town & Country Dentistry we often get asked by patients what they should be doing to care for their Granville dental implants so we’ve decided to create a helpful little guide for everyone!

Use the right dental care products

When it comes to caring for your dental implants, the products are just as important as they were for your natural smile. We recommend using a soft-bristled toothbrush when brushing your dental implants, using harder bristles may scratch and damage them. For toothpaste, mouthwash and other products used to clean or even whiten your smile, be careful. Certain ingredients such as those used to whiten teeth may actually cause damage to your dental implants. For those that are older, an electronic toothbrush may be worth investing in as it can aid in practicing proper dental care and cleaning the whole smile.

Practice proper at-home dental care.

For many patients, dental implants are the result of not properly caring for their natural smile. While dental implants are artificial, they do still require proper care. We recommend brushing your dental implants twice a day and flossing at least once a day. While tooth decay may not be a problem, infections and even gum disease still are.

Visit your dentist regularly.

Along with proper at-home dental care, professional dental care is also highly important when it comes to caring for your dental implants. Just like with natural smiles, many patients miss certain areas of their mouth, allowing bacteria and plaque to thrive. During your appointments, we’ll make sure your smile is properly cleaned and that your dental implants are still doing well.

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