Five Reasons You Should Floss Daily

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Were you aware that only about half of Americans floss their teeth daily? Despite the nagging by dentists in Granville to make sure they brush daily, somehow, they still manage to “forget.” So why exactly does your dentist recommend you floss daily? Here are six reasons you should floss daily:

1. Flossing is simple, quick and effective.

Proper flossing should only take about one minute of your day. Whether you decide to floss in the morning, after lunch or before bed it doesn’t matter, just make sure you get in between all of your teeth. Flossing can remove additional debris, plaque and bacteria you may miss with your brush. Improving your breath and reducing your risk of tooth decay and gum disease!

2. Flossing keeps your smile looking beautiful.

Have you ever noticed someone with debris stuck between their teeth? It can be extremely distracting! Flossing can help remove any leftover particles that may get trapped between teeth, saving you from the embarrassment of walking around with a piece of food stuck in your teeth for an entire day.

3. Floss reaches more areas.

As briefly mentioned above, flossing can reach the areas your toothbrush misses. When food particles are left to remain in the mouth, bacteria feed on them, producing acid which can lead to foul breath, dental decay and even periodontal diseases.

4. Flossing makes your gums .

Although flossing, in the beginning, may cause bleeding, over time the bleeding will stop occurring. Most often, this bleeding occurs due to plaque that has built up in crevices of the mouth. As you continue to floss your gums will become tougher and stop bleeding.

5. Flossing can help prevent gum disease.

Did you know periodontal gum disease is a result of bacterial overgrowth and plaque buildup in the mouth? This is most often due to debris left over in the mouth from the meals we eat. As the plaque begins to build up, the gums become inflamed and infected, resulting in gum disease. Flossing can help ensure you get all of the debris and plaque out of your mouth.

Flossing daily and still experiencing dental issues? Contact our Granville dental office today! We’d be happy to examine your teeth and gums, assess your overall oral health, and discuss if professional treatments can help you.

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