How to Choose a New Family Dentist

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Your search for a new family dentist is personal.  Dentists offer services that are individualized to each family member, so it is important that the dentist you choose is one with whom you are comfortable and with whom you can communicate.

Whether you are new to the Granville, Ohio, area, or are seeking a new family dentist for other reasons, the doctors and the healthcare professionals at Town & Country Dentistry would like to offer a few tips when choosing a dentist for your family in the 43023 area code.

Is the Dentist in your Network?

The main reason families change their dentist is a change in their dental insurance policy.  A renewed policy often means a change in the network.

Your inquiry of whether a dental office accepts insurance is not the same as the practice being in network with your insurance provider.  The acceptance of dental insurance means the office will submit and administer the claim.  Being in network means there is an agreement between the dental practice and the carrier to cover services at pre-negotiated costs.

This is an important distinction and is the difference of whether, or how much, you pay for the services.  Choosing a dentist out of network is not taking advantage of the full value of the policy.

Is the Dentist Close to Work or Home?

It will be convenient for you and your family to consider the location of a dental office in relation to work, home and your children’s school.  The hours of operation are also an important consideration to determine flexibility during the week and on weekends for regular and emergency appointments.

Services of the Dentist

It is essential for you to consider the needs of your family when choosing a dentist near you.  Do the adults in your household need cosmetic or restorative work?  Are your children of the age for pediatric or orthodontic services?  What about 24-hour emergency services if contact sports are in your family’s schedule?

Recommendations of Family and Friends

The website of a dental practice is a good source for information on services and reviews.  However, the best source is the personal recommendations of family and friends.  The personal interactions with the professionals, along with their positive experience of the services, remain the best referral source.

The doctors and the dental healthcare professionals at Town & Country Dentistry, located near you in Granville, Ohio, are trusted and highly recommended for general, cosmetic and surgical treatments and procedures.

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