The Most Common Types of Bone Grafting

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Most dental patients have at least heard the term bone grafting once or twice, even if they aren’t entirely sure what it entails. Digging a little deeper into the subject may enlighten someone who is curious or may even need a bone graft in the near future.

Why is Bone Grafting Necessary?

When teeth are extracted, the jawbone begins to shrink and lose mass. This is because the bone needs the stimulation provided by your teeth’s activity to stay h2 and grow. If you need a tooth extraction or a tooth replacement, then it is likely that you will need a dental implant and bone grafting in Granville as well. Hopefully, we can share with you a new appreciation for the benefits of bone grafting, as well as inform you about the most common types of bone grafting.

Bone grafting becomes necessary to keep the jawbone healthy after an extraction that causes it to lose mass. But what are the types of bone grafting?

  • Sinus Lift:
  • This type of bone graft may be needed if the upper part of the jawbone recedes. The sinus membrane is lifted, and subsequently, the space underneath is filled with grafting material meant to make the area suitable for implants.
  • Nerve Repositioning:
  • Sometimes, the inferior alveolar nerve (the nerve that gives feeling to the bottom lip and chin) must be moved to make room for a lower jawbone implant. In this procedure, the nerve is relocated, and the space that is left empty gets filled with grafting material to replace it and make room for the implant.
  • Socket Preservation:
  • This may be the most common, routine, and simple bone grafting procedures that there is. After a tooth is extracted, the empty space is subsequently filled with bone grafting material to prepare the site for a dental implant or tooth replacement.

Bone grafting procedures are nothing to fear. They are necessary and routine. Bone grafting offers your dental health many benefits!

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