Understanding the Possibilities of Dental Bone Grafts

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Dentistry is such a wide scope of dental care. It involves more than just caring for the health of teeth. Everything about the mouth has to be accounted for in dentistry. Modern dentistry has bettered this medical field by incorporating new ways of intervening in the dental health of patients. Some areas of dentistry are not well known, even though they play a significant role in the overall oral health of a person.

What is Bone Grafting in Dentistry?

It is a process of transplanting a bone to improve its health and stability. Usually, a dentist in Granville Ohio will perform this procedure before installing dental implants into your jawbone. The treatment involves taking a piece of bone from another source and placing it on the target area. The bone taken from another source are called bone grafts. The grafts can be taken from a different place in the patient’s body or a different source. Other sources include animals, another human being or from a synthetic source.

Why Do You Need Bone Grafting?

Bone grafting is offered to patients who have weak bone structures. When your bone structure is compromised, it cannot offer the required kind of support to your teeth. Usually, the procedure is given ahead of other dental procedures. Some dental works like those of installing a dental implant are invasive. They require stability from your jawbone, which is where they are inserted. For you to qualify for the procedure, a dentist near you must check the health of your bone.

Patients of bone grafting procedures require bone grafts to reinforce the strength of their jawbones. Once the bone graft is inserted, it takes a couple of weeks to months, for the bone and gums to heal.

Understanding Bone grafting Process

The bone grafts have to be accepted by the target area. They are then given time to integrate naturally with the rest of the bone structure. This process speeds up the regenerative process of bone tissue. Ideally, without teeth to chew, the jawbone weakens and does not regenerate naturally. Therefore, to replace your teeth with a dental implant, something must be done to trigger the bone to regenerate.

The bone grafts are not meant to offer support forever. Once healing is done, the natural jawbone is strong enough to support the titanium posts of dental implants. The department of dental bone grafts in Granville Ohio, therefore, works closely with that of installing dental implants for tooth restorations.

What To Expect From Bone Grafting

The procedure of bone regeneration is not like most dental treatments in dentistry. For one, it is invasive and not a cosmetic procedure. Some of the things you should expect from the procedure include the following:

  • Takes time – if you are one to quickly brush through things, you may not enjoy this procedure. The treatment takes time to be performed, but even more to heal. You have to give your jawbone sufficient time to regenerate and integrate properly with the bone grafts. Besides that, your gum still goes through the healing process.
  • Sedation – bone grafting is a surgical procedure. Patients require sedation to go through the treatment, whether or not they suffer from dental anxiety. The one important thing is to remain steady and calm on the dentist’s chair, but more so, to numb the pain. This way, you will not experience the tangible pain that comes with surgically performing on your jawbone.
  • Bruising and swelling – as part of the healing process, you may have to adjust to bruising and swelling on the worked-on area. As your one and gums heal, the process will be uncomfortable, particularly the first few weeks after the surgery.
  • Diet restrictions – this is also a consequence of the healing process. The restrictions will be to allow your bone and gums sufficient time to heal. This means you will have to settle for soft foods, particularly the initial days after your treatment. The last thing you want is to tear up your newly sewn gum tissue and cause further damage. You also want to take good care of your jawbone so you can have a dental implant installed to replace your missing tooth.

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