What Do Orthodontists Specialize in?

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Orthodontia is a specific type of dental care despite many people using the terms dentist and orthodontist interchangeably. The two professions certainly have similarities but orthodontists specialize in treating some types of dental problems. You may never have to see an orthodontist but if you do you may as well understand what’s precisely in store for you. Here is a definition of an orthodontist.

How Are Orthodontists Defined?

Working with several parts of the body is the job of a dentist who is also a doctor. The dentist’s area of focus includes the mouth, teeth, gums, jaw, and nerves. Working in a specialized area of the field is the job of orthodontists. They prioritize the straightening of the teeth. In simple terms, they can be defined as dentists but few dentists can be defined as orthodontists.

It is the job of an orthodontist to diagnose occlusions, overbites, overcrowded mouths, and misaligned teeth and jaws. After conducting an examination orthodontists try to resolve any issues they discover. When left untreated problems like overbites, underbites, crossbites, and open bites are problems that will worsen over time. Orthodontists are specialists who can repair these conditions.

What Can an Orthodontist Do?

An orthodontist is an individual who has received advanced training to fix misaligned teeth. If you visit the dentist in Granville, Ohio, with crooked or gapped teeth he or she is likely to refer you to orthodontics in Granville, Ohio indicating that something is not right with your teeth. If you do receive a referral it is suggested that you do not consider it a great deal. You may receive a recommendation for Invisalign clear braces or some other method of straightening your teeth from the orthodontist who is responsible for this job.

The most important job of an orthodontist is to identify issues with your teeth and mouth. Diastema which is a gap in your teeth tends to grow larger with time causing your teeth to suffer as the structure of your mouth and gums need a tight alignment. The orthodontist will attempt to pull your teeth closer to rectify the issue. At the same time having too many teeth in your mouth is also detrimental and the orthodontist is likely to extract the extra teeth to create better spacing.

After being referred to orthodontics in Granville, Ohio, you may decide to research orthodontics near me to avoid travel time or for any other reason. Regardless of which orthodontist you visit he or she will have several tools to resolve the alignment problems in your mouth.

The Tools Used by Orthodontists to Straighten Teeth

Orthodontics in Granville, Ohio, can offer braces which is the most famous solution for straightening teeth. These appliances are bands that encircle the teeth and the orthodontist bonds brackets to the front surface of the teeth to connect the bands to them with the help of wires. When combined this structure can pull the teeth into an upright alignment to straighten them over time. Instant results will not be available from this treatment but it is one that is extremely effective.

Braces are not considered as a great option by many adults and in such cases, the orthodontists may offer Invisalign clear aligners because these are virtually invisible from a distance giving you an attractive smile. Invisalign does not use any brackets or metal wires and users prefer them because they are removable.

What Kind of Training Does an Orthodontist Require?

Orthodontists are required to complete dental school by spending four years before they graduate and unlike general dentists who stop at this point to begin practicing orthodontists must undergo further training for another 2 to 3 years before they can qualify for this position. This effectively means that an orthodontist receives double the training specializing in the field of straightening teeth.

What Can Be Expected During an Appointment with an Orthodontist?

Appointments with orthodontists are no different than with dentists and as you have been referred by the dentist in Granville, Ohio, you would already have information about the problems with your teeth. However, the orthodontist will begin by inspecting your mouth to determine the best course of action for you.

For some treatments, you can expect to return for multiple appointments especially if you need braces. Initially, you will be diagnosed with some x-rays followed by a preparatory session. Thereafter the braces will be installed on your teeth. You must continue to visit the orthodontist regularly to make sure the braces are working effectively. Ultimately the orthodontist will remove the braces in about 1 to 3 years after your teeth have been successfully straightened.

When it is a matter of straightening your teeth the first course of action is to book an appointment with your dentist. If the dentist believes you can be treated with Invisalign clear braces he or she may not refer you to an orthodontist. However, if you do receive a referral you must be confident that you are visiting a skilled professional who has your best interests at heart and will work with you to deliver the best smile possible.

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