What Does Endodontics Entail?

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Sometimes, you feel a sharp pain inside of your gum. You don’t know why it is there or how it got there. All you know is that it hurts so much and you want it gone as soon as possible. Dentists in Granville and other places over the world that study the pain – diagnosis, and treatment – are called Endodontists.

Endodontists are dentists who practice endodontics and endodontics is a branch of dentistry that is concerned with studying, diagnosing, and treating problems in the inner part of a tooth and the tissues that surround that tooth. Pronouncing the word Endodontics might be tough for you but it will be tougher if you do not find a medical center that offers endodontics in Granville when you feel pain in your pulp or inside your tissues. Dentists in Granville can help you find qualified and experienced endodontists if you are having a hard time finding one. If you are away from Granville, see any dentist near you to get directions to the best endodontist available around you.

The word “Endodontics” was coined from two Greek words, ‘Endo’ and ‘Odont’ which mean ‘inside’ and ‘tooth’ respectively. Putting these words together, you will now understand that endodontics is a branch of dentistry that is concerned with the inside of the teeth. When you experience pain inside your teeth, an endodontist will help you to treat it and relieve you of the pain. The treatment can come in two forms; either by preserving the whole or a part of the tooth and keeping it healthy or by removing it if any infections can affect the other part of the teeth.

Services of an Endodontist

The general job of an endodontist has been described already. However, what exactly does an endodontist do to your teeth? An endodontic treatment primarily does all the following;

  1. Removal of infection from a root canal that is infected or/and inflamed.
  2. Thorough cleaning of the infected root canal.
  3. Removal of the infected pulp.
  4. Reshaping the root canal.
  5. Filling of an empty root canal. This will help to avoid exposure to infection again and also help the canal to heal faster.

Some people show a great deal of negligence when it comes to issues concerning their dental health. They notice tooth decay and instead of going to a family dentist in Granville, they leave it to continue decaying. Eleven out of ten times, tooth decay always wins because it eventually eats deep into the tooth and it becomes out of hand. If you take such kind of issue to a dentist near you, you will either be referred or booked to see an endodontist. Other services that an endodontist offers are removal of pus from around a tissue, treatment of old fillings, chipped teeth, fractured teeth, etc.

Endodontics Procedures

Being familiar with the services of an endodontist, what are the procedures that an endodontist utilizes to treat a patient. There are two major procedures in endodontics, they are Root Canal and Apicoectomy.

Root Canal

When a tooth needs to be removed, a root canal can be used as a last option to save the tooth. A root canal is the most common procedure in endodontics. When there is a decay in the tooth, it makes the tooth prone to infections. Other things that can allow infections in a tooth are fractures, cracks, dental injuries that have been treated over and over, and so on. When an infection reaches the core part of the tooth, a root canal will be needed to salvage the tooth. Tooth infections have different symptoms like swelling of the gum, discoloration of the tooth, sensitivity to heat or cold, and so on. All these symptoms, if unattended to, will lead ultimately lead to loss of the tooth in the end. A root canal treatment involved removing an infected tooth, cleaning the root canals, and returning the tooth to its position. Generally, you can have a root canal treatment in one day and a dental crown is given to protect the tooth that was treated.


When a root canal is not enough to treat a tooth and save it from total damage, apicoectomy, a surgical procedure, is employed. During the surgery, the gum is cut wide enough to access the infected tissue. The tissue is removed and the tooth is cleaned. The gum will be held together using sutures.

For your benefit, do not hesitate to contact your dentist if you experience any pain in your teeth. If the issue can be solved by the dentist, it will be done. Else, you will be referred to an endodontist. Call us now to book an appointment with our dentist near you at Town & Country Dentistry. We also welcome patients from Granville South, Callie Court, Denison Court, Pinehurst Drive, New Burg Street, Miller Avenue, and from surrounding areas.

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