Why Is It Important To Keep Your Night Guard Clean?

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People who suffer from bruxism or night grinding can experience dental issues such as wearing down of enamel. Dentists suggest them to wear night guards while sleeping so that they can prevent teeth grinding. Wearing a night guard is also one of the treatments for combating symptoms of TMD. However, mouthguards are more often than not kept in the side drawers of the bed and not taken care of. Cleaning a nightguard is very important to prevent hygiene issues.

You Put Night Guards in Mouth

This is a reason enough for cleaning them! Dirty mouthguards can become a reason for several health issues. Some studies show a link between dirty mouthguards and serious infections. It is important to clean your mouthguards after using it for preventing microorganisms from making a home in your mouthguard and later on in your mouth.

Water Alone is Not Enough

Rinsing your mouthguard alone can’t make it clean. The best of cleaning the mouthguard is by brushing it gently with a toothbrush and regular toothpaste for removing the build-up of debris. You can then rinse it with soapy water. It is recommended by the professional hygienist to soak the night guards in antimicrobial solutions for reducing the number of foreign organisms.

When to Replace the Night Guard

Along with following the instruction for cleaning, you must also keep an eye on the time, when it needs replacement. According to the dentist near you, the mouthguards are sleek and smooth but develop pits and cracks which serve as a home for bacteria. If you develop rough patches on the mouthguard near gums, it can break the skin and allow bacteria to enter your body. Even if your night guard was custom-made in a dental clinic, it’s important to replace it when it shows signs of wear.

Cleaning the night guard should not be an ordeal but an essential task that you perform for keeping your dental appliance as well as oral health in good condition. After all, who likes to wear a night guard that has hundreds of microorganisms lingering on it?

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