Why You Should Use Professional Teeth Whitening

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Since your smile is often the very first thing people will see when they meet you, why not make sure it’s a stellar one that they will remember?

All Teeth Whitening Products Are Not Created Equal

Sure, you can buy over-the-counter treatments that promise benefits you believe will be good enough, but when you receive professional teeth whitening treatment in Granville, OH you’re guaranteed that the products being used are of a much higher quality and contain a higher dose of chemicals than you can purchase on your own.

Keeping it Looking Natural

Another upside to teeth whitening services in Granville, OH, is that the dentist near you can monitor the level of whiteness. To make sure your teeth don’t become too bright since some teeth are overly porous and can absorb chemicals more quickly than others. With an at-home teeth whitening treatment, you may end up with a smile that doesn’t look natural – just like overly-bleached hair doesn’t look natural.

Efficiency is the Name of the Game

Rather than having to mess with gels at home that can often be messy and hard to clean up, consider a teeth whitening treatment in Granville, Oh where the professionals will do all the work. All you have to do is sit back and relax as they clean and whiten your teeth. No trays, no gels, just a comfortable break in your day where you can get back to work in no time!

Bleaching Vs. Whitening

It can be confusing since the terms bleaching and whitening are often used in the same sentence, here’s the scoop: whitening is a bleaching process. But since whitening sounds like a less abrasive process than bleaching, it’s become main stream to refer to bleaching processes as whitening.

When You Look Good, You Feel Good

Everyone could use a boost in their confidence. When you have a winning smile, pretty much everything else falls into place around you. Whether you’re looking to improve your smile for a job interview, class reunion, or an important date, and you’re looking for a dentist near me in Granville, OH, the team at Town & Country Dentistry can make sure that your smile will be remembered!

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