Dental Bonding

Does your smile suffer from cracks, gaps, stains or minor chips? Looking for a quick, comfortable, and affordable way to correct these issues? Many patients we see at our New Carlisle and Granville, Ohio dental office are hesitant to invest in more expensive cosmetic procedures such as veneers or crowns; therefore, we are proud to offer cosmetic dental bonding as a solution!

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Why dental bonding?

Dental bonding near you can be used to treat chipped, cracked, misaligned or damaged teeth without the removal of enamel or compromising the structural integrity of teeth, allowing us to prevent further damage or decay without the need for fillings or crowns.

At our New Carlisle and Granville dental practice, we use custom-tinted resin for our teeth bonding procedures. This allows the cosmetic dental bonding to blend with your natural teeth. Best of all, our teeth bonding materials are stain-resistant and can retain a natural color and look for years and years.

Dental Bonding Procedure

Book your appointment with Town & Country Dentistry, your New Carlisle and Granville, Ohio dentist will thoroughly examine your teeth, gums and overall oral health to determine if cosmetic dental bonding is the right treatment option for your case. If it is a good treatment option, and you decide to proceed with the treatment, your teeth will then be prepared for the teeth bonding. Afterward, a liquid resin will be applied, and a soft light will be used to harden the substance. This is followed by sculpting and polishing to ensure the dental bonding matches the rest of your smile perfectly.

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