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Do you have missing or damaged teeth that may need an extraction? Town & Country Dentistry in New Carlisle and Granville, OH can help! We understand that missing or severely decayed teeth can not only have an impact on your appearance, but also the functionality of your teeth and bite. For this reason, we offer dental bridges near you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Why Dental Bridges?

Those that neglect missing or severely damaged teeth may be more prone to additional dental conditions. This is caused by shifting teeth, which can lead to bite and chewing issues, areas that may not be easy to clean, and even a less attractive appearance. Dental bridges are one solution for replacing a missing tooth, preventing tooth shifting, allowing you to eat and speak normally, and improving your smile’s overall appearance.

Removable and Permanent Dental Bridges

At our New Carlisle and Granville dental office, we offer both removable and permanent bridges depending on your preference.

Removable bridges, like the name, are removable and can make cleaning the dental equipment as well as eating certain foods easier.

Permanent bridges, on the other hand, is attached to adjacent teeth, providing more stability than removable bridges, but are not meant to be

Wish there was an affordable, easy way to restore missing teeth? With dental bridges near you from our New Carlisle and Granville dental practice, there is! Contact Town & Country Dentistry today to schedule your appointment and see if a dental bridge may be the right option for repairing your smile.

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