Emergency Appointments

If you are in pain and suspect you need emergency dental care, call our office as soon as possible. Delaying treatment can lead to serious problems. Our dentist will help identify the issue and treat you with care. If you need immediate help, please call 911.

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One of our team members comforts a patient in pain

When to see us for emergency dental care?

  • Toothache: Do you feel pain or discomfort in your teeth?
  • Broken Tooth: Is a tooth loose or do you have a chipped tooth?
  • Knocked Out Tooth: Have you been injured?
  • Swollen Jaw: This could be a sign of infection.
  • Pain: Is there a throbbing pain radiating from your jaw, neck or ear?
  • Lost Crown or Filling

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Urgent Dental Needs in New Carlisle

You never expect to end up at the dentist for an emergency dental situation, but our team has seen everything from a throbbing or broken tooth to a severe gum infection or laceration. These scenarios pop up at the worst times, but you can be confident that our office can handle whatever life throws at you. If you are experiencing severe pain or have lost a tooth, call our office at (937) 845-0038 to schedule, and our staff will give you instructions to follow prior to your appointment.

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