Fluoride Treatment

At Town & Country Dentistry near you, we believe prevention is the best treatment our patients can receive. Mostly everyone has heard the importance of fluoride for dental health; it typically comes in our toothpaste and even drinking water! For this reason, we recommend topical fluoride treatments in New Carlisle and Granville, OH, to many of our patients.

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Who Benefits from Fluoride Treatment?

  • Frequent Snacking
  • High Carb/Sugar Diet
  • Dry Mouth
  • Exposed Teeth Roots
  • Tooth Decay
  • Grooves/Pits on Teeth

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Frequently Asked Questions

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At our New Carlisle and Granville dental office, we frequently have patients ask if fluoride treatments are the right option for them. For children that are still learning to care for their dental health, fluoride treatments can add extra protection, decreasing their risk of decay and cavities. Recent evidence has shown that fluoride treatments may even reverse early signs of decay.

During your appointment at Town & Country Dentistry near you, we will examine your teeth, gums and overall health. If we notice any signs that you may need a topical fluoride treatment, we can discuss whether or not it is right for you. Fluoride treatments are extremely quick, easy, and comfortable and can be completed in a matter of minutes, leaving your teeth with an extra level of protection against decay in no time.

Patients that don’t receive fluoride treatments have been shown to have more tooth decay than those without. This can lead to decay, cavities and even tooth loss! Children especially are at higher risk of decay and should receive continuous fluoride treatments.

Want to make sure your family’s teeth are protected? Stop by our New Carlisle and Granville dental office or give us a call to schedule your appointment for routine examination, cleaning, and fluoride treatment.

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